The Custodians of Cornucopia

chicken on headClayton & Emily

Hi my name is Clayton and together with my sister, Emily, we purchased the business ‘Cornucopia Biodynamic farm’ from previous owners Alan & Suzanne in 2016. We continue to operate a Biodynamic open range egg farm, supplying customers in both Sydney and Newcastle. As has always been the case with Cornucoipia Eggs, the chickens are free to roam on lush green pasture and are fed only certified organic grain.

Our parents moved to the Stroud area from Newcastle around 40 years ago and have been farming here and involved with chickens ever since. Both myself and Emily left the family farm to pursue other career  paths before (much to our parents surprise) returning to the farm. We are dedicated to making our hens as comfortable as possible and inturn producing the highest quality produce.