Beef/Milk-fed Veal

Healthy happy creatures create quality produce.

Our animals are open range, never confined or crowded and free from chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s. Our beef are primarily Murray Grey/ Hereford cross. They are raised organically on hill country and finished on river flat pastures enriched by our 2000 laying hens. They dress out between 150- 200 kilos per body and are sold whole or by the side for $8.00 per kilo based on the whole carcass weight supplied by the butcher.  We have been doing this for 12 years.  We can have them delivered to your butcher who can divide them up for you.  Share with family and friends.  Contact us for milk fed veal and steers. Our beef is available all year around.  Buying direct from Cornucopia Biodynamic Farm enables you to buy the freshest biodynamic beef at a very reasonable price.

We organise and arrange for the beef to go to the Abattoir and butcher.

The beef is processed at the butcher of your choice or alternatively at Mrs Beetson’s Organic Butchery which is certified organic by ACO (Australian Certified Organic).  It is located at Jewellstown Plaza, Ntaba Road, Jewells, Newcastle.

You will be able to talk to the butcher to have the meat cut however you want.

The beef/ veal could weigh about/ between 150-250 kilos. The $8.00 includes freight to the abattoir, abattoir charges and butchering costs.

We can deliver the beef in our refrigerated van for a nominal fee.

Contact Details:

E mail:

Telephone: 02 49317100

Some of the options are:

·         Fillet+

·         Rib – Eye (Scotch Fillet)

·         T-Bone

·         Rump

·         Round

·         Chuck steak (diced)

·         Osso Bucco

·         Gravy Beef (Shin)

·         Topside Roast

·         Silverside Roast

·         Mince

·         Sausages (gluten- free, preservative – free, snap frozen).

 The beef cuts are packaged on trays and labelled for ease of use and storage in the freezer.  A  side of veal is approximately 60 kilos of meat but varies slightly with each animal.

Payment is usually at the time of a confirmed order.


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