Open Range Biodynamic EGGS

roaming hensThe chickens eat certified organic grain and roam freely throughout the day and sheltering when necessary under their purpose built shade sail which is regularly moved ensuring they are always put onto a fresh pick of green grass. The manure created by our hens is spread over the pastures, enriching it for our solely grass fed cattle. This complementary process enhances the flavour of both the eggs and the beef. Of a night the hens return to their purpose built house where they are kept safe from predators while still affording them the highest level of comfort. We have ensured our hens have dust bathing/scratch areas, as well as plenty of roost spaces inside their house as well, allowing them to express as much of their natural behaviour as possible.  

Cornucopia Eggs is based around a sustainable farming model, from our 100% off grid hen houses through to our love and passion for looking after the soil on which our chicken roam. Our chickens are never crowded or confined and are free from pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s.

Our eggs however, are not Certified Organic.

One of the main reason for this is due to the fact that we have to buy our ‘point of lay’ hens in at 16 weeks of age. They tend to start laying eggs at around 18-20 weeks of age and the eggs will be the size we are accustom by the age of around 26 weeks.

Our free range area is a Maximum of 1500 birds per hectare.

Contact Details:

E mail:

Telephone: 0458 925 212

Where to Buy Our Eggs


    Victor Churchill, Woollahra.

    ABC Vitamins, 546 Rocky Point Rd Sans Souci, Sydney.

    Whole Foods House, Danks Street, Waterloo.

    Botany Fresh, Botany, Sydney.

    The Meat Store, Bondi Junction, Sydney.

     Kingsmore Meats, Sydney

Maitland / Newcastle

    Organic Feast, East Maitland.

    Hunter Organics Merewether, Newcastle.

    Goodness Me Organics, Adamstown, Newcastle.

    Portafilter Cafe, Mayfield, Newcastle.

Where to Find Our Eggs


   Rockpool Bar & Grill, Hunter St, Sydney.

   Billy Kwong, Potts Point, Sydney.

   Bread and Circus, 21 Fountain St, Alexandria.

    Soma Sydney Ultimo.

Maitland / Newcastle

   East End Hub,  3/3 King St Newcastle.

   Hunter Organic Foods, The Junction, Newcastle.

   Redbelly Gourmet, Newcastle Markets.

   Seraphine Cafe @ Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Maitland.

   Goodness Me Organics, Adamstown, Newcastle.

   Icky Sticky Patisserie, Lorn.

   One Penny Black, 196 Hunter Street.

   Stillwater on Belmore, Lorn, Maitland.

.Wholesalers / Restaurants

Please contact us directly on 0458 925 212, or e mail We serve Hunter Valley, Sydney, Maitland/Newcastle area.

Chef  Quotes

’These eggs have more flavour than a typical egg and are pleasantly complimented by the creamy texture of the yolk.’

Three Beans, Newcastle

“Our passionfruit souffle is famous, thanks to Cornucopia eggs. “

Mike McEnerney, Head Chef, Rockpool

“Producers such as Cornucopia make the food industry exciting and inspirational”

Jared Ingersoll, Sydney’s Danks St Depot Restaurant